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Auto Doctor is here to find you the very best auto electrical service providers. Our auto electrical professionals will help provide diagnostics, repairs and installations when you need it, wherever you are in the UK.

No matter how you get from A to B, electrical systems are an extremely important part of any vehicle. Occasionally these systems go wrong and without the correct diagnostic tools or electrical know-how, it can feel almost impossible to fix!

That's where our auto electricians come in. Wherever you are in the UK, we've got an auto electrician nearby to get you back on the road. 

What is an Auto Electrician? 

An auto electrician is a technician specialising in vehicle electrical systems. They diagnose, repair and install electrical components in cars, bikes, campervans and other vehicles. 


  • Auto electricians use diagnostic tools to identify electrical issues.
  • They interpret test results to pinpoint malfunctions in the vehicle's electrical system.
  • All of our auto electricians are trained and equipped with cutting edge diagnostic tools to ensure they get to the root cause of what’s keeping you off the road. 


  • They perform repairs on various electrical components.
  • Our auto electricians commonly repair wiring, fuses, engine control units (ECU), batteries and sensors to name just a few! 


  • Installation of new electrical parts or systems is another key responsibility of our auto electricians.
  • This can range from installing a new battery in your car to setting up advanced navigation systems so you never miss another exit. 

Preventive Maintenance

  • The most understated role of our auto electricians.
  • Regular checks and maintenance of electrical systems can prevent serious future issues and ensure your vehicle is on the road long-term.

Why Are Electrical Problems With Cars Important?

Electrical problems with cars are important to quickly diagnose and fix. Without proper maintenance, these electrical systems can become damaged or faulty and spread through your vehicle.

Faulty electrics may not seem like something that will keep you off the road long term, but car electrical faults can lead to a series of
serious issues.

  1. Unexpected Breakdowns:
    A failing alternator, starter motor, or a drained battery can result in your vehicle refusing to start, leaving you stranded at the most inconvenient times.

  2. Compromised Safety:
    Faulty lights, including headlights, taillights, and brake lights, can reduce visibility, increasing the risk of accidents – particularly in low-light conditions or bad weather.

  3. Reduced Fuel Efficiency:
    The electrical system controls various engine functions, including fuel injection and ignition timing. Ignoring issues in this area can lead to poor fuel economy, costing you even more at the pump.

  4. Costly Repairs:
    Did you know that minor electrical issues in your car can turn into more significant problems if left unaddressed?

    Your car’s electrical faults could spread to other components, resulting in costly repairs that could have been prevented with a timely auto electrical maintenance.

  5. Warning Lights:
    Electrical issues in your car can trigger warning lights on your dashboard. These lights may not specify the exact problem but instead indicate a general issue.

    This makes diagnosing the root cause more challenging and can lead to unnecessary time and costs.

    All our auto electricians are trained with the cutting edge diagnostic equipment to quickly understand your car's electrical problems.

  6. Environmental Impact:
    Modern vehicles aim to reduce emissions, but a malfunctioning electrical system can disrupt emissions control components, leading to increased pollution.

    Stay on Greta’s good side and keep your car running as green as possible. 

The good news is that many of these auto electrical issues can be mitigated or prevented through regular inspections and timely repairs conducted by our auto electricians with the necessary expertise and diagnostic tools.

Common Problems With Electric Cars

The common problems with electric cars that most auto electricians deal with are:

  • Battery Problems
  • Charging Issues
  • Motor or Transmission faults
  • Software or Electronics Issues
  • Door Locking Mechanisms

Recent data shows that between 2% - 3% of all cars on UK roads are fully-electric or hybrid but that number is growing by the day and it’s safe to say that before long there will be more cars on the road with plugs than without.

Unfortunately for EV drivers, they also spend more time off the road than other motorists. Here is a breakdown of the most common problems with electric cars. 

Battery Issues

Batteries are the lifeblood of electric vehicles (EVs). They can face issues like reduced capacity or outright failure due to factors like age, overuse, and weather conditions.

Monitoring the vehicle's usage and remaining charge can help prevent these problems. If a battery does fail, a qualified auto electric technician is needed for repair or replacement.

Importance: Batteries are vital for EVs.
Common Problems: Reduced capacity, failure due to various factors.
Prevention: Keep an eye on usage and charge.
Solution: Repair or replace via a qualified technician.

Charging Issues

Charging malfunctions in EVs can disrupt their operation. Finding a charging station can be hard enough but getting to one only to find that your charging system has a fault, that’s nightmare fuel!

Charging malfunctions can make it difficult to keep the EV adequately charged or make charging impossible. 

Importance: In-vehicle charging system is crucial.
Common Problems: Malfunctions in the vehicle's charging system.
Prevention: Regular system checks.
Solution: Repair the charging system.

Motor or Transmission Problems

Motors and transmissions in EVs can fail due to wear and tear or improper maintenance. These are complex components that require specialised tools and knowledge for repair.

Regular maintenance can help prevent these issues but a trained auto electrician will be required to repair these parts.

Importance: Motors and transmissions are key.
Common Problems: Failures from wear and tear or poor maintenance.
Prevention: Regular upkeep.
Solution: Specialised repair needed.

Software or Electronics Issues

Electric vehicles rely heavily on software and electronic systems.

Issues can arise in these areas, including faulty sensors and wiring problems, affecting the vehicle's safe and efficient operation.

Importance: Software and electronics are integral.
Common Problems: Faulty sensors, wiring issues.
Prevention: Routine system checks.
Solution: Repair or replace faulty components

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The massive advantage motorists have when they choose to call Auto Electricians Near me is the ability to have an auto electrical professional come to them, wherever they are in the UK. 

This includes emergency callouts, so you know that whatever your car’s electrical problem, you can call 0333 772 0769 and be in safe hands.

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